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THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is a completely original sports nutrition brand. With our aggressive acquisition strategy, affiliates can benefit from high commission rates & frequent special offers. TPW™ offers affiliates highly lucrative & fast growing revenues.

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  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Protein Works Affiliate Programme


The sports nutrition sector in the UK is booming with year on year growth in excess of 20%! The trend is set to continue, fuelled by British sporting successes from the Olympics to the Tour de France. The UK population more than ever is embracing health and fitness activities, as well as sports such as cycling and endurance events. Sports nutrition can help athletes and teams of all levels achieve higher levels of performance.

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ is an innovative and completely original sports nutrition brand that is committed to offering a superior level of products and service for our customers. We innovate, formulate and manufacture in-house to ensure exceptional quality, constant innovation and most importantly, lower prices for our customers.

With the imposition of VAT on sports nutrition products and spiralling raw material costs, customers are looking for a credible high quality, low cost option. THE PROTEIN WORKS™ offers a unique proposition which meets a mass market demand for low priced, premium products and service.


For affiliates, THE PROTEIN WORKS™ represents a highly lucrative revenue stream for a number of reasons:

  • Sector Leading Commission Rates - our aggressive acquisition strategy means we offer an industry leading 12.5% commission on new customer sales (10% on sales with a discount code) and 7.5% on existing customer sales (5% on sales with a code). 
  • Extensive Product Range - TPW™ boasts over 150 product lines and over 1000 SKUs, giving you more chances to earn commission vs the standard 15-20 product lines
  • Special Offers Driven - we are committed to highly attractive and frequent promotions to drive sales and we actively look to negotiate affiliate specific deals
  • High Conversion Rates - customers benefit from multi-buy discounts, market leading loyalty programme, best-in-class website, freebies and much more
  • Free Editorial Content - we provide unique and engaging sports nutrition content on a regular basis for affiliates to use on their websites to drive traffic and conversion levels
  • Social Media Support - in a very short space of time, TPW™ has amassed a large and loyal following on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to help build brand credibility and drive your sales
  • Trustworthy Merchant - you can relax when it comes to commission payments, cookie length, regular communication, up to date banners, etc. TPW™ heads the sector when it comes to making sure your business comes first


Programme Highlights

  • Sector Leading Commission Rates as high as 12.5%  
  • 35 Day Cookie Period
  • Massive Online Range With Over 1000 SKUs
  • Affiliate Specific Offers & Promotions
  • High Average Order Value
  • Fast Validation Process


To find out more about THE PROTEIN WORKS™, we encourage you to visit our website and social media channels below. We look forward to welcoming you on to our programme.


Twitter: @TheProteinWorks

Facebook: TheProteinWorks

Google Plus: TheProteinWorks


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