Golden Charter is the largest independent funeral plan provider in the UK. 400,000 people have purchased one of our pre-paid funeral plans.

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Golden Charter Affiliate Program

Golden Charters Key Points

•    UK's largest pre-paid funeral plan provider - 1 in every 3 sold during 2013!
•    400,000 plans sold in the UK to date - Trust Fund valued at £450 million at last audit
•    GC is owned by UK funeral directors (SAIF Charter) - we are not an insurance provider


•    £150 per plan sold
•    £6 per information pack
•    60 day cookie length

Cashback Sites: Full commission paid – but only £50 to be passed back to users as cashback from 1st April 2014. Nothing should be passed back for information packs / brochure requests.

PPC: Affiliates are not permitted to use PPC to promote our program. We currently run PPC activity in-house.

How Do I Sell Funeral Plans?

•    Target those who are already considering later life provisions, whether it’s a funeral plan or over 50s life insurance
•    Advertise to those who are entering the target age group (50+) but who haven't made any lasting provision yet for their loved ones
•    Remind people of the benefits - peace of mind for many years to come!

What do I tell my users?

•    Pay in advance to fix funeral directors own costs at today’s prices
•    Pay in full or over 12 months to avoid having to take out insurance
•    or pay via insurance backed fixed month payments from just 50p a day
•    More funeral directors sell and accept Golden Charter plans than any other
•    For more selling points and general tone used, visit

Can I buy a funeral plan?

•    Affiliates can purchase a funeral plan for themselves (if under 50 please speak to us first), for a parent or for an elderly family member and receive commission as normal. The pre-paid option is virtually always cheaper than paying for a funeral when it is required, and the funeral director is paid on or before the funeral (no need to chase insurance providers for the funds). Should you wish to, you can specify any wishes you'd like made known (e.g. no black ties, hymns). If purchasing more than 3 plans please contact us first.

We represent independent funeral directors (66% of all funeral directors). Should you specifically wish to use the services of a Co-Op or Dignity Funeral Director please contact us in advance. We can also arrange to discuss plan options face to face in your home or with your local funeral director if you would prefer.

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