Programme Details

Summary was the UK’s first retail mobile phone website launching in 1995, are now the largest web-only mobile phone shop in the UK, processing thousands of orders every day.

Primary Region

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom Affiliate Programme was the first online mobile phone retailer in the UK and had been trading with the same owner since 1995.

When The Carphone Warehouse acquired the company in late August 2007 were able to combine Carphone’s buying power, unrivalled stock levels and exclusive handsets with the high conversion rates seen at a small dedicated company.

The website currently converts at around 3% which is higher than average for the sector.

We offer a massive selection of handsets, networks, tariffs, free gifts and cashback options All free gifts are posted with the phone for next day delivery.

We pay a flat rate of £25 for new contract sales or upgrades, £5 for SIM Only and £2.50 on PAYG handset sales.

Default commission is zero, affiliates should be aware that we only pay commission on handsets and not, for example, top-up vouchers.

We do not pay commission on returned items.

Feed have an external feed available for affiliates, supplied by Ultimate Feed. This feed is an extended version of the Awin feed and the deeplinks are also included in the correct format with your Affiliate ID number.

You will need to add your AWin affiliate ID to the tracking URL’s in two places, replacing the !!!id!!! command once you have downloaded the feed.

The affiliates need to replace !!!id!!! command before they download the feed, otherwise the links won’t populate correctly. If you have any problems please contact us.




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Our weekly newsletter can only viewed using the following e-mail clients:

  •  Android mail
  •  Apple Mail (Mac, iPhone and iPad)
  •  Gmail
  •  Thunderbird

**If you are using a Windows 2007 based client, formatting will be lost.

Calling or In-person Sales

Due to government legislation, we cannot allow any form of selling through the affiliate programme other than sales made online at the action of the customer.
If any sales do appear to have been generated ‘by telephone’ or ‘in person’ we will unfortunately have to decline that sale and you will not be paid any commission.

This may also lead to your removal from the program until further review.

Signing Up

To avoid disqualification from the programme, please only apply if you are ready to start promoting
A lack of activity within 3 months of signing up may result in removal from the program until you reapply with a live site.

Exclusive Codes T&Cs

Please note if you promote another affiliates or other marketing channels exclusive code your sales that involve that code will be declined. This is to create a fair affiliate environment. 

Contact the Team at Affiliate Window: