Programme Details


This programme is closing during January 2015 - please either request to join the George programme or switch your links.

Primary Region

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

Terms and Conditions

PPC Restrictions:

  • Affiliates with PPC campaigns should programme in ASDA brand words as negative keywords in their campaign.
  • The brand name "ASDA", "ASDA Walmart" and misspellings of the brand name i.e. "ADSA" must not be used in PPC campaigns.
  • ASDA with a prefixed or suffixed word i.e. "Kids Toys at ASDA" or "ASDA Furniture" must not be used.
  • The use of the ASDA brand name in the display URL in paid search campaigns is forbidden.
  • Direct linking to the ASDA website is not allowed
  • Affiliates must not claim to be the 'official' or 'authorised' (or any other such similar term) site.

We do, however, actively encourage affiliates to bid on generic terms.

ASDA reserve the right to cancel any outstanding commissions and also reserve the right to remove the affiliate from the programme where an affiliate has been in contravention of the programme terms and conditions.


Email Campaigns:

Email campaigns are not allowed on the ASDA affiliate programme without written permission from the ASDA affiliates team.  Please contact for further details.


Affiliate Site Content:

ASDA affiliate links may not be promoted on any sites containing extremist or offensive content, adult websites or gambling websites.  The ASDA affiliate team retains the right to review affiliate memberships, based on these guidelines, at any time.


Voucher Codes:

Please note that when Voucher codes have expired, they must be removed immediately from your site.

Asda regularly release voucher codes that affiliates are permitted to promote. Once they have expired the codes must be removed from your site. Any affiliate found to be promoting out of date codes with a link through to the Asda web site will have all commissions withheld. Any affiliate who subsequently does not remove out of date codes may be suspended from the Asda affiliate programme.

Voucher code sites must remove any links to the ASDA site, that purport to revealing voucher codes when they are just links through to the ASDA site. Any link through to The Asda site must be backed up by either a valid voucher code that we provide, or by editorial content.

Any affiliate found to be incorrectly using “click to reveal” (that is any click to reveal that does not click through to a valid code as described in copy on the affiliates website) will have all commission withheld. Any affiliate who subsequently does not remove click to reveal will be removed from the Asda affiliate programme.


Gambling/ Gaming

Affiliates may not feature Asda on a site that promotes gambling or gaming in any way.


Staff Discounts & Cashback

ASDA will not pay out commission on any orders made by Asda staff members.