Reebok is an American-inspired, global brand that creates and markets sports and lifestyle products built upon a strong heritage and authenticity in sports, fitness and women’s categories.

Primary Region

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

Program Terms

  Terms and Conditions

Paid Search Activity
Reebok operate a strict policy on PPC Activity. The following types of keywords are restricted for use in any paid search activity by affiliates on campaigns:

• Brand Terms: Reebok
• Extended brand: e.g., Reebok Fitness, Reebok Store, Reebok Shop, Reebok voucher codes, Reebok Discount codes, Reebok Codes, Jukari etc.
• Misspellings: e.g. Rebok, Rebook, etc.

Affiliates are required not to appear on any search results for these keywords on any advertising platform, including search engines and content networks etc...

Bidding on generic Reebok product related terms is allowed.

Please include brand and misspelling terms as negative keywords in all of their search engine marketing campaigns.

Affiliates may not use any domains owned by Reebok for PPC linking. Affiliates are also asked not to register domains which are similar or misspellings of Reebok brand. Affiliates are asked not to register URLs with Reebok brand terms contained in their domain or subdomain. Brand terms may be contained within the subfolder, eg is not permitted but is allowed.

Affiliates may not put the Reebok website or any owned microsites into frames or use masked URLs.

Reebok currently operates a brand protection group due to the brand’s desirability for competitors, particularly in consideration of Google’s removal of trademark protection.

We are happy to receive applications from affiliates wishing to become a part of our brand protection group. To find out more, or if you have any other queries regarding our PPC policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Affiliates may not alter any of the creative made available through the Affiliate Window interface. They are also requested not to hardcode banners into their sites, so updates made to those available through Affiliate Window may take immediate effect.

We do not condone any use of Adware/Malware to drive traffic to our site.

Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Affiliate Window interface. In order to prevent out of date content, affiliates may not hardcode the creative into their sites.

Product Feeds
Reebok will provide a daily datafeed with the most accurate pricing available everyday through the Affiliate Window interface and this will be uploaded overnight.

Affiliates are requested to make every effort to maintain Reebok’s most current pricing information in their promotions. If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements, such as constructing a URL from which you can automatically receive the feed, please contact the account management team.

In order to successfully track sales it's recommended that affiliates take links directly from the linking methods section of your account - banners, text links or the Reebok datafeed. If you're unsure of how to use any of these tools please contact the account management team who will be pleased to help you.


Commission Structure

Default commission = 5%
Number of confirmed sales is equal to or more than 10 = 7%
Number of confirmed sales is equal to or more than 20 = 10%



Please note that due to the functionality of the Reebok site we are not able to offer the Affiliate Window deeplink builder.

Should you wish to deeplink to specific products please follow these instructions –


  • A Reebok product link will appear like the below

  • To deeplink to the product you must add the link to the below tracking after p= but ensure the '#/' is removed.!!!id!!!p=
  • Below is an example of how the completed deeplink should look!!!id!!!p=

    Please remember to remove the #/ from any page you wish to deeplink to.
  • Remember to change !!!id!!! to your affiliate ID.