H.Samuel have great brand names including With great brands like DKNY, Guess, Diesel, Fossil, Oasis, Tommy Hilfiger, Ben Sherman, Citizen, Rotary and Accurist to name a few this is a great opportunity for Affiliates to drive additional sales.

Primary Region

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

Program Terms

H.Samuel offer year round promotions and offers on their competitively priced jewellery and orders over £49.00 get free standard delivery. Customers can benefit from gift wrapping and engraving to make that gift special.

commission of 4% is paid on every order and with H.Samuel being a well known brand conversions are good.

Reasons for Affiliates to work with H.Samuel

- Excellent Commission Structure with 60 day cookie period
- High Conversion
- High Approval Percentage
- Great customer discounts, incentives and promotions
- Access to the entire H.Samuel product inventory via a Product Feed updated daily
- Weekly validations
- Good average order value
- A Dedicated affiliate management team
- Range of creatives available
- Recognised brand name

Terms Conditions

Paid Search

Restricted Keywords

All affiliates who drive traffic via paid search must be aware that the following terms are restricted on all search engines:

1). Brand

E.g. H Samuel, Hsamuel, H.Samuel, H-Samuel, H,Samuel, H_Samuel, H,Samuel, H;Samuel, H+Samuel

2). Brand misspells

E.g. H Sameul, H Samual, samuels, samuals, hsamules

3). Brand+generic combinations

E.g. H Samuel jewellery, H Samuel shop, H Samuel stores, H Samuel online, etc.

4). Misspellings+generic combinations

E.g. H Sameul jewellery, H Sameul shop, H Sameul stores, H Sameul online, etc.

5). Derivatives

E.g.,,, etc.

6). Other Signet brands

Signet, Ernest Jones, Leslie Davis (or other variations or derivations thereof).

To avoid broad match issues please include restricted terms as negative keywords in all paid search campaigns. Bidding on generic terms to drive traffic to affiliates’ own sites is allowed.


1). Voucher code site commissions

Neither H.Samuel nor Ernest Jones offer voucher codes for customers to use within their purchase. As such, they will be altering the commission paid to affiliates whose sites consist of vouchers, promotions and discounts.

Voucher code sites receive a flat 4% commission.

2). SEO rankings on misspell brand terms

Signet would also like to revamp the methods with which affiliates optimise their sites for search rankings on their brand misspell terms. Whereas Signet are happy for affiliates to optimise their sites for the correct spelling of their brand terms, H.Samuel and Ernest Jones, they would like to request that this no longer happens for misspells. This would include the use of misspelled terms in metatags, page titles and so on.

As of July 1st 2008, affiliates must refrain from optimising their sites for search engines on misspells of brand terms

Domain Restrictions

1). Direct linking

H.Samuel operates a closed group paid search programme. Affiliates are not permitted to use any domains owned by H.Samuel as their display URL without express written permission. To enquire about the closed paid search group, please contact

2). Affiliate-owned domains

Affiliates are permitted to use brand terms as a directory, e.g.

Affiliates are not permitted to create domains containing brand terms as a domain or sub-domain, e.g.

3). Landing pages

Any affiliate wishing to construct a landing page for H.Samuel should first contact the account management team for pre-approval at
PPC affiliates applying to the H.Samuel programme without first discussing their plans may find that their application is declined.

Promotion Restrictions

Email Marketing

Any affiliate wishing to promote H Samuel by email marketing must first contact for pre-approval.

Offline Public Relations Activities

Offline public relations activities are expressly not permitted. Affiliates wishing to pass on information regarding offline promotions should contact - however, please be aware that this will only be considered in a very limited number of cases.


Affiliates may not alter any of the creative or text links available through the Affiliate program interface without prior written permission. Out of date/redundant creative, links or using domains including the term ‘H.Samuel’ or similar derivatives is expressly forbidden.

In order to allow for automatic updates to uploaded banners to take place, affiliates are requested not to hardcode banners.

If different creatives or links are needed please contact



Affiliates must be aware that generating sales using a vouchercode that they have not been given permission to promote with is not allowed and all sales using an invalid code will be rejected.